Time-Saving Kitchen Utensils for the Average Cook

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

People often complain that cooking takes too much time and they prefer to go to a restaurant or settle for takeout food. Even if that’s understandable, you can focus on equipping your kitchen in such way that cooking becomes a pleasure and it saves you both money and time. Among the following must-have kitchen utensils are a few items that require a financial investment, but which pay off in the long run. Paying extra to save time is the exact principle used as an excuse for those who don’t cook.

Knife is king

According to numerous professional cooks, you only need 3 knifes in your kitchen. There’s no point in buying cheap ones that are only time wasters. You’ll need a big, study and sharp knife to chop meat and vegetables, a medium one to cut vegetables or fruits and another one for cutting bread. The butter knife is optional as you definitely own a knife that’s no longer good at cutting anything. Also a food processor has the ability to chop besides a lot of other functions. For sure you'll be having a lot more fun in preparing food with the right equipment.

Pan as in pancakes

Another item that is definitely worth investing in is an anti-adherent frying pan. Eating healthy is surely among your priorities, so not using oil to fry your eggs, meat or make pancakes would be ideal. The only oil you should use is the olive oil, but that’s not a must when it comes to a quality pan. In addition, this type of pan is really easy to wash, so you’ll not be wasting time with that aspect.

Kitchen timer ticks

As soon as whatever you’re cooking is ready to bake, you can set the kitchen timer and take care of other chores. Multitasking is no longer optional for many of us, so the need of using every precious moment we’ve got applies to cooking as well. Also, the available kitchen timers usually have nice designs that complement your kitchen.

Speedy microwave runs

besides a stove and a toaster oven, you need a microwave. wenn you need to melt butter, defrost chicken or even make cupcakes, you can do so in a very short period of time if you own a microwave oven. There are numerous food recipes that take 5 minutes to prepare and another 20 minutes in the microwave oven to be ready. You can’t miss this opportunity to deal with that hunger!

Magic food processor

Any food processor is simply magic. It has so many ways it can be used that save you time that you shouldn’t lose time reading about. You can chop off ice cubes in a food processor, not to mention other ingredients such as peanuts to the point of making peanut butter. According to Mrs. FoodPrep, it doesn’t require the addition of liquids like a blender does, but it can also be used as a blender.

In conclusion, you’re up for a pricey investment if you don’t own any of the aforementioned items, but you can clearly see how these will save you time and how you’ll recover your investment in time. Start planning a week of delicious meals to get some motivation!