Why a Garbage Disposal Is a Significant Home Appliance

Posted on Aug 6, 2014

Garbage DisposalA garbage disposal may seem like an insignificant home appliance with little to no use in your kitchen. However, this appliance can do more than just helping you eliminate food waste in your house.

Then again, you must learn how to use it properly to avoid encountering problems that can cause headache. If you use it for the right job, it can make your life a lot easier when you’re working in your kitchen.

Power of the machine

The horsepower of a garbage disposal will depend on the brand and model you’ll consider. When opting for this kitchen appliance, you should choose a unit with a powerful horsepower to spin the blades. Some units can run on 2,800 rpm.


If your kitchen has limited space, it’d be wise to choose a unit with a smaller size. In this way, it can fit into your kitchen sink, but make sure that the power cord is long enough so you won’t encounter trouble when plugging in.


Get a model that makes it easier for you to clean it. Some units have a splash-guard so there’s less mess when using it.


You should look for a garbage disposal that’s durable. Opt for a unit that won’t rust. Keep in mind that this appliance encounters water all the time. Thus, it’s ideal to choose a unit with corrosion-free parts. Then, select a unit that has the best warranty on the market.

How it operates

It’s normal for a garbage disposal to create some noise when in operation. However, if you don’t like a noisy appliance, you can choose a unit that operates quietly. Although there’s still sound you can hear, it’s not too loud that you need to cover your ears when it’s switched on.

Cheap or expensive units

This will depend on how much you’re willing to spend for this unit. The most expensive one isn’t always the best you can have, but don’t opt for the cheapest one either. Instead, you must look into your budget and choose a unit that goes with the money you can allot for this appliance.