Basic Buying Tips for Hair Styling Tools and Accessories

Posted on Jul 2, 2015

Thick, frizzy and curly hairstyles are often very difficult to manage, but if you carefully review double width straight irons you'll know that it's possible. Women love to have sleek and silky hairs that are easy to style and also look pretty, they spend lots of money on salons and other hair styling products that claim to straighten hair. However the most effective solution is yet to be discovered for them.

Out of all the hair styling accessories available, one accessory that wins the race is considered jack of all trades, and it's none other than the flat iron. Let us have a look at some of the aspects of this versatile hair styling tool.

Flat Iron Basics

The flat iron, or commonly known as straightening iron, is the best known and most reliable tool to style your frizzy hairdo in lovely and straight tresses. And the good thing is, you can do it from your own home!

Tips, Tricks and Usage Guidelines

A flat iron may look innocent, but since heat is involved there are some basic yet important tips to be followed before using a flat iron. Have a glance at some of the useful tips.

  • Never use a flat iron on messy and dirty hairs. The reason is that oil, dirt or gel that you have previously applied will stick to the flat iron and will cause it to damage. It will also reduce its function and usability and cause more harm than benefit.
  • Never use a flat iron on dry hairtypes on daily basis. Try to use them on alternative days or after regular intervals for better results.
  • Whenever you want to use a flat iron make sure the hairs are washed and rinsed properly.
  • For long hairdo's always section them before you apply flat iron.
  • If possible use thermal products. The reason is they are specifically designed for protecting your manes from damage by flat irons and protect them from extreme levels of heat.

How to Buy Flat Iron?

These days, a wide variety of flat irons are offered in the market so how would you know which one to choose?. The prices may vary from the cheapest to the most expensive you can think of, and it might leave you in a confusing state on what to buy. However, with proper knowledge and ideas you can make a wise decision. There are various features in a good flat iron that must be considered so that you can straight your hairs without damaging them.

  1. Temperature control
  2. Steam
  3. Size
  4. Quality of material

Flat Iron in Process

While using the flat iron makes sure you set the right temperature, it is important to note that the temperature of a flat iron may vary depending on your hair type, there's no one single temperature which will suit all types of hairs. Using the right tool is the most important consideration for better results, and remember to use the flat iron smoothly yet firmly downwards to your hairs and the result will be straight silky hairs.